About us

Passionate about decorative painting, Lara, Charly and Gilbert have been operating in the market since 1995.

SAMMOUR GROUP is a company that gathers professional collaborators, a team of world-class artists and artisans of whom their ambition is to conceive and to carry out the decoration that will combine with your tastes and your way of living.

Located in Doha City Qatar, and in Awkar City Lebanon, SAMMOUR GROUP has exceeded borders to carry out projects throughout the world.

Every project is a new dream for us because our client is guiding us through his own personality, his own space with his own needs. The inside of a space has to reflect the inside of the mind and of the body. Our aim is to achieve the exact reflection of the owner’s soul.

Feel free to contact us; we will be there to advise you, to suggest new ideas and to apply it.