About Us

Sammour Group brings exquisite decorative painting and interior design artistry to discerning clients worldwide. With origins in Paris, we now create sophisticated interiors with offices in Beirut, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate interior spaces across the globe through world-class design, impeccable craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We enhance people's lives by creating environments that inspire and uplift.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost expert in ornate decorative painting techniques and bespoke interior design globally. We want to continue leading the industry in innovation, mastery, and client satisfaction for decades to come.

Our Values

Our Values

We believe in the transformative power of artistry and are committed to constant improvement through mastery and innovation. We operate with integrity through honesty, ethics, and reliability. Our service centers relationships and collaboration through a unified team built on trust, respect, and common purpose. These values drive us in our pursuit of elevating lives through exceptional design and craftsmanship.

Our Story

Founded in 1995 by passionate visionaries, Sammour Group exceeded Lebanon’s borders to complete projects across the globe. We’ve served premier residential, hospitality, and retail brands for over 25 years by elevating spaces through creativity and craftsmanship.

Our Team

Our talented team of over 50 professional artists and interior designers transforms spaces into artistic showpieces. Our decorative painters master techniques like faux finishes, trompe l’oeil, patinas, gilding, and more to provide stunning artistic effects. Our interior designers handle conceptual planning, space layouts, project management, and complete interior aesthetic visions.

Our Process

Every project begins with understanding our clients’ unique needs and aspirations. Our experts then provide advice and suggestions to align the design with your vision. We handle everything from lighting, furnishings, and layouts to crafted details and artistic touches that make the space truly yours. Our meticulous approach ensures a refined experience from inspiration to completion.

Let us elevate your next residential, commercial, or hospitality project with the transformative power of decorative arts. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation.

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How It Works

How do projects get started?

Everything begins with an initial design consultation where we learn about your vision, needs, and goals for the space. We'll discuss design inspirations, potential challenges, and options for bringing your ideas to life. After finalizing the concept, we handle all planning, sourcing, and execution.

What is the design process like?

Our collaborative process emphasizes creativity and communication. We'll keep you involved through every stage - from initial ideas, 3D renderings, and material selections to installations and finishing touches. Our team will oversee each step from concept to completion.

How long do projects typically take?

Timelines vary based on the scale and scope. Smaller residential refresh projects can be completed in weeks. Full home renovations usually take several months. Commercial projects span multiple phases over several months to a year or longer. We work to deliver results efficiently without sacrificing quality.

What sets your approach apart?

Our commitment to artistry and client relationships. We blend imagination with mastery to make your vision a reality. And we develop partnerships grounded in trust, collaboration, and service. Our passion shines through in every detail.

Let our passion elevate your next project

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