Welcome to the world of decorative painting

SAMMOUR GROUP is a family owned Company. It was founded in 1995 by Lara, Charly and Gilbert.

We are specialized in: regular, decorative & artistic painting and art conservation. We love to provide you with a high quality work at affordable prices. We truly understand people, who want to find comfort in their own Places, improve their image in the eyes of their in-laws or just simply be proud of the way they live.

SAMMOUR GROUP is devoted to help you create the Place You Want, the Place that reflects your personality, the Place you can be proud of. If it is a modern, eclectic or antique style that you want to achieve. We are open-minded to any idea that our Customers may have.

Whether you are an individual or a company wishing to decorate a room, an apartment, a shop or a part of an office, we are here to give you advice, suggest new ideas and apply your own ideas.

You can check out some of our projects in the Middle East (Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Syria,…) , Europe (France, Spain, Italy) and Africa.

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False Marble

This technique consists of making surfaces look like real marble.Nowadays, marbleizing is well known for its decorative qualities. It is often used in public projects as well as in interior design.


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False Wood

The artist imitates wood on a non-wood surface either with his own style or as a real reproduction. This technique is proposed for various works, such as paneling, doors, woodwork.


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False stone

Imitating stones is such a fascination.

This technique consists of reproducing faithfully stone layers and dimensions in order to give a perfect visual illusion.


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It’s a technique that is used to recreate the visual illusion of an old painting on a background whether colored or not.



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Incrustation is a decorative technique in which a contrasting material is applied to a surface as a decorate or cover.It is characterized by the imitation of marble, wood, stone with other simulated elements like for example: pillars and cornices.

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Stencil art offers unlimited possibilities. It can be used to create patterns, borders or large-scale projects; to decorate walls and furniture, etc. The surfaces painted should be clean, in good condition and preferably smooth.

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Trompe l’oeil

The architectural “Trompe l’oeil” is one of the most highly prized decorative painting techniques: it associates all architectural elements: columns, pilasters, arches, balustrades, skylights.


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Fascinating appreciation to their precious character, gilding techniques allow countless applications on painted or sculptured designs.


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